Buckaroo Banzai end titles (credits) (good quality)

admin on February 23, 2013 · 36 comments

I know that there are other copies of the end titles to Buckaroo Banzai, but I thought we needed one that was clearly labeled, not edited, and in the right aspect ratio. icon wink Buckaroo Banzai end titles (credits) (good quality)

36 Responses to “Buckaroo Banzai end titles (credits) (good quality)”

  1. oomusd says:

    he is that great.

  2. Cameron Menefee says:

    The coolest soundtracks ever since most Richard Band scores from Empire Pictures such as Troll, Arena, and Re-Animator.

  3. Shadowthrone08 says:

    I really want to dress up as Buckaroo Banzai but people would think I was dressing up as Doctor Who.

  4. paulie3jobs says:

    Because he’s perfect.

  5. c0ckNockeR says:

    so what?! big deal. =P

  6. 11rockiton says:

    That would be “Big Trouble in Little China.”

  7. plastique45 says:

    Amen brother, amen.

  8. maverick71388 says:

    this was all i had to see to want to watch this movie, the only gripe i had was the shaky handed lectroid, other than that awesome movie

  9. WachusettTrek says:

    Love it- thanks for posting a clean copy

  10. gda101 says:

    I’ll watch t

  11. Scoonertuna says:

    And there lies the movies genius!

  12. Scoonertuna says:

    Here Here! I bet if they remade this now it would be a hit!

  13. armicron says:

    Credits make about as much sense as the entire movie.

  14. drewdane40 says:

    Really, Bill? It’s a good end credit sequence, but the best ever? Maybe it would help if I had seen the entire movie. I’ve given it several chances because I’m usually into campy and bad, but this movie just doesn’t do anything for me. Okay, back to the Stratosphere Lounge. :D

  15. LeisureForeigner says:

    Alex Jones just played this….and I recognized it from seeing the movie back in the 80’s! …now, where did I put my car keys?….

  16. Jeff Miller says:

    Bill sent you here too huh? lol

  17. achmachat says:

    Bill Whittle sent me here… and…. HOLY SMOKES!! IS THAT ROBOCOP?!

  18. mephosto says:

    the 80’s were awesome, that’s your moral.

  19. TheRetronomicon says:


  20. supermanscottforever says:

    Another film ahead of its time

  21. jmasserano says:

    Another hat tip to Bill W. (Whittle … not the other guy!)

  22. doctorwhosis says:

    I get all choked up at the credits. No sequel was made due to copyright ambiguities, So sad

  23. C6BD says:

    Merci à Bill Whittle d’avoir ravivé la mémoire de ce film culte.

  24. g00se99 says:

    Bill sent me here…

  25. Julia Comeau says:

    Whittle was right, this is awesome…

  26. Sen Lin says:

    Same here, unfortunately I don’t understand what moral lesson I’m suppose to learn from this.

  27. AegisRick says:

    Bill Whittle told me to watch this. That’s what I’m gonna do

  28. Marvyn Moreno says:

    last but not least and I apologize for paying attention to detail…how is that Blonde Guy with the white blazer, black slacks, no shirt, and red shoes, was able to change his clothes so quickly right about the time when they make a turn at wall? You all see it??
    He is wearing now a grey blazer, a grey tie, red pants and brown shoes, totally different outfit. I would had never catch that as a kid.. lol

  29. Marvyn Moreno says:

    Also if you pay close attention before they start walking as a group, you can see the 405 fwy with some flowing traffic at a distance.

  30. Marvyn Moreno says:

    HAHAHA That is too funny, I didn’t understand it as a kid either but sure enjoyed it watching it on cable all the time. I couldn’t wait until the credits and this song come out, it always made my day. Also It does brings me flashbacks to this movie when I passed through the 405 in Van Nuys and see the dam.

  31. gda101 says:

    right on bill whittle

  32. TheRealTaco87 says:

    Thumbs up if Bill Whittle sent you here!

  33. Illuminati2347 says:

    Loved this movie since first I saw it when I were a 11 year old kid. Didn’t quite get it but I could feel the fun in the movie, seen it many times since. I am truly missing a film of this caliber today; a fun film that doesn’t take it self to seriously and doesn’t give a hoot about making to much sense. I miss films that just want to tell me a fun story for about a hour and a half.

  34. ChickenBirdIceCream says:

    This film is an 80s gem,I understood nothing about it as a kid,but it was fun.

  35. elpanzon728 says:

    Fiebre de jack - shes a tease

  36. Ted Brooks says:

    Awesomely epic! Too bad Sherwood Productions went bankrupt, a sequel to this would have been terrific. This movie failed at the box office, but it’s become a great cult classic.

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